Beginner's Quick Guide To New Moon

New Moon Basic Command List

This is far from a comprehensive list but should help to get you started.


say [text]say something in a locationsay hello there
'[text]shortcut for say something in a location'hello there
tell [person] [text]private msg to someonetell bannor Hello
newbie [text]newbie chat to everyonenewbie Can anyone help please?
chat [text]chat to everyonechat Hi folks
chat:[action]do a chat emote actionchat:smiles happily.
emote [action]do an emote action in a roomemote grins evilly.
[soul] [person]do a soul commandgreet bannor
htellShow the last 10 tell messages(all listed)

There are an extensive number of soul commands in the game (including things like greet, wave, hug and some really wacky ones). View the available ones by typing 'examine soul'.

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wholist of players/creators with their titles
wizlistlist of players/creators with their levels/ranks
qwholist of players/creators names only
finger Get information on a player (eg. finger bannor)
chfnSet the information shown when someone fingers you
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Moving Around

CommandExplanation CommandExplanation
north (or n)go northsouth (or s)go south
east (or e)go eastwest (or w)go west
up (or u)go updown (or d)go down
northeast (or ne)go northeastnorthwest (or nw)go northwest
southeast (or se)go southeastsouthwest (or sw)go southwest

These won't be the only exits you'll find in your adventures. If you see an exit named in the list of possible exits (eg. 'in' or 'enter' or 'bushes') you can type the name of that exit to go through it. And of course, there are always hidden and secret exits to consider!

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searchsearch the roomsearch
search [object]specifically search an objectsearch wall
looklook at a roomlook
look [object]look at an objectlook picture
get [object]pick something upget broom
get [object] from [object]get something from somethingget key from chest
drop [object]drop something you're carryingdrop broom
wear [object]put on some clotheswear hat
remove [object]remove some clothesremove hat
give [object] to [person]give an object to someonegive broom to fred
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kill [monster]attack somethingkill orc
consider [monster]consider monster's strengthconsider thuggish seafarer
wield [object]use an object as a weaponwield broadsword
wield handsstop using a weaponwield hands
monitortoggles your in-combat hit
point monitor on and off

BEWARE: if your hitpoints get too low, run away ;) If you die you become a ghost - you will then have to go to the high priest in the temple to get resurrected. You have only 7 lives to begin with, so take care ! You can use the special 'wimpy' feature to set when you will run away from trouble. For example 'set wimpy 25' will make you run away when you are down to 25% of your total hit points. Note that the higher your wimpy the less experience points you will gain in combat.

See the combat help page for further help on the New Moon combat system.

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skillslists your current skillsskills, skills combat, skills magic etc.
advance [skill]Improve your skill leveladvance combat
advance [skill] by [#]Improve your skill by # levelsadvance combat by 5
cost allShow all skill costs(all listed)
commandsShow all your skills and guild
related commands
(all listed)
scoreShow your current score and main statistics(all listed)
score statsShow your character statistics(all listed)
help [command]gives help on a known commandhelp pluck

Note that most of the above skills-related commands must be performed at your guild.

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Miscellaneous Commands

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Some Things To Try

describe [text]sets a description people will see when they look at you.
help citymapwill give you a map of the fair city of Heliopolis where all players start the game (you will need to buy a map first).
alias [text]Allows you to set up personalised aliases (i.e. macros) for commonly used commands, e.g. alias ga get all (this would mean typing 'ga' would act as if you typed 'get all'.
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Further Help

If you just type "help" you will be given a list of general topics you can get help on. It is recommended you spend some time reading some of them.

Have fun!

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