The Guilds of New Moon

The novice explorer starts his or her life as an adventurer in the world of New Moon, unbound by ties to any profession, or Guild as they are known here. As an adventurer you can look around, train a handful of skills from friendly institutions and people. However there are major limitations on what you can learn in this way and you will soon want to pick up some specialist skills not taught on the streets. To do so you need to become affiliated to one of New Moon's fine guilds. During your wanderings you may have already met friendly wizards, priests, mercenaries or merchants, and felt that you wanted to become one too, to be able to learn the same skills and abilities. In that case, you can befriend one of them, or find your own way, to start your career in one of the guilds. For the new adventurer four fine choices await you:

These are all based within the city of Heliopolis and are well renowned over all of New Moon. Later on in your adventuring career you may wish to further specialise (or in some cases diversify) your skills and move on to one of New Moon's 'advancement' guilds which can be found in many unusual, and often secret, locations around New Moon. These include:

It should be noted that not all 'advancement' guilds are available to you, depending on your initial chosen profession. The Chaos Knights and Circle of Rangers can only be joined by members of the League of Warriors. Only mages affiliated to the Academy of Magi can focus their magical skills at the Dark Sect or College of Twilight and only priests of Damara can choose to follow the darkness of Kalak or the light of Cymoc.

Main Starter Guilds

Academy of Magi

The Academy of Magi is an institution dedicated to the research and teaching of magic. It is based in the Wizards' Plaza off Pebblestone Avenue in Heliopolis and within its walls are some of the most powerful wizards in the land, collections of magic beyond belief and one of the largest libraries known to the world. Would-be wizards come from all over to study and learn from the Academy's famous teachers, to learn all aspects of magic and spells. Students of the Academy learn to cast powerful spells of alteration, manipulation and abjuration as well as learning to make and use powerful magic items - wands, rods, staves and scrolls. Life as mage is a continuous search for new magics, spells and items.

Hall of Acquisition

The Hall is without doubt the richest organization in Heliopolis, and probably all New Moon. Their wealth has accumulated by trading and loans, though some vague rumours circulate from time to time that the main income depends on shady deals. The Hall of Acquisition does not make its business well known. The best way to find out what business it engages in is to befriend a member, should you manage to find one. Oddly enough, this is also a reliable way of getting killed. But should you decide and manage to join, your life will consist of handling merchandise and money and no doubt accumulating a vast fortune from your dealings with items of worth.

League of Warriors

This loose organisation will accept any strong woman or man who is able to handle a weapon well. The League's armour and weapon teachers are renowned for their cynical and efficient methods of tuition. Many war veterans and heroes are members of the League of Warriors, as indeed are most mercenaries and sellswords. The League's training facilities are beyond a doubt the finest in the land. As a warrior, your life will exist of training hard, studying tactics, and putting those weapon skills to use. Warriors affiliated to the League get favourable deals on arms and armour, and on mercenary hire, so it is easy to see why any self respecting mercenary, would-be hero or lone-wolf adventurer is a member of the League of Warriors.

Temple of Damara

Damara is the god of Learning and Knowledge and is worshipped by those of neutral alignment and novice priests. His followers belong to the Temple of Learning and Knowledge and as such are granted few aggressive spells, but plenty concerned with the collection and use of knowledge, as well as healing and some limited control of elemental powers. Followers of Damara are considered the wisest of all priests and are often sought for advice, research and knowledge. The ancient Temple of Damara, founded by a prophet, is sited in the north of the city. It is open to all who seek enlightenment, healing, or aid in even the worst of physical conditions. When you start the consecration ceremony, you will devote your entire life to the worship of your god, and gain all the divine aid given in return for your faith. Prayers, healing and the constant quest for knowledge will mark your life of devotion.

Advancement Guilds

Chaos Knights

The Chaos Knights are a disorganised band of cruel, evil warriors who live to kill and spread chaos. The wars that ravage the plains, and the hard life made many bloodthirsty pilgrims flock to its cause: a bloody crusade against everything that lives, and everything that knows law and order. They are known to worship an unknown entity called 'Entropy' which is neither god nor man, and from time to time are known to call for a crusade where their column of followers roams the plains from city to city destroying and killing everything in its path. As a member of this chaotic band, your life will be dedicated to maintaining the fight against the iron grip of law and order, honing your fighting skills to perfection and learning how to channel the forces of Chaos to further your cause.

Circle of Rangers

The Circle of Rangers is a tightly-knit fellowship of devoted individuals, sworn to the preservation of the natural order throughout the world of New Moon. Rangers must develop a wide range of fighting, stealth, tracking and herbalism skills in order to survive the perils of the forests, plains and wildernesses. As a ranger you will learn to master techniques of concealment and surprise, navigation and wilderness survival skills and how to untap and control the the secret powers of New Moon's flora and fauna. The guild has experienced instructors to help master these skills and become one of the enlightened few who truly understand the environment around them. In return, members of the Circle are expected to protect and conserve the natural balance and oppose anyone who attempts to disrupt it. The Rangers are a hardy, self-sufficient and often secretive bunch who are rumoured to have a tree-top base deep in the forest somewhere.

College of Twilight

The College of Twilight was founded in the Year of Twilight by Elders of the Academy of Magi. Around that time several Archmages realised that the magic of the Elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) was one of the most powerful and fundamental of magics. The Tower of Twilight was constructed to the north-east of Heliopolis and is now one of the land's foremost centres of magic. Within the Tower lie spell research laboratories for each of the Elements, class rooms to teach younger mages, a library that rivals that of the Academy in size and even powerful magic Gates into the elemental planes. Within the College, mages are taught to master the powers of the elements, and to despise and oppose the dark arts of Black magic.

Dark Sect

An evil sect of black magicians who were forced to leave the Academy of Magi after their founder, Sertu, secretly gathered extensive and powerful knowledge of the darker arts against the wishes of the Council of Magick. Dark magic was only sparingly known in the Academy before Sertu's research uncovered the power of this ancient force. Drawing upon the power and knowledge of barbaric witches and mad heretics, Sertu was soon feared by many in the Academy and was banished by his opponents. After the upheaval of the Goblin Wars, Sertu laid claim to an area of land turned to swamp by his questionable role in the war and founded a grey tower, now known as Sertu's Spire. His followers joined him and his Dark Sect, and even after his disappearance, evil and terror still reign there. As a member of the Dark Sect you will untap the terrible powers of dark and vile magicks that only the bravest necromancers ever dare to explore.

The Destroyers

Kalak is the god of Strife and Tyranny, and is worshipped by the shady priests and priestesses of the Dark Temple, rumoured to exist somewhere in the city of Heliopolis. These worshippers are known as the Destroyers, and are feared by the populace of New Moon. Kalak grants his followers very few healing spells, but compensates for this by giving many and varied powers of destruction. The Destroyers are unparalleled when it comes to powerful, warlike spells and rituals, and they use these powers to cause great havoc and mayhem, according to their god's desires. Kalak, as god of the darkness is the natural enemy of Cymoc, the God if Light, and followers are urged to seek out the Temple of Light and lay waste to the despicable actions of its Healers.

The Healers

Based at the Temple of Light, rumoured to exist somewhere in the city of Heliopolis, are the followers of Cymoc - priests and priestesses of benevolent alignment. Cymoc's worshippers are known as the Healers, due to their great powers of healing, granted by Cymoc. Followers are granted few aggressive spells, but make up for this with the highest level of healing powers that are available, as well as the ability to resurrect and provide extra incarnations. Cymoc as god of Light, is in direct opposition with Kalak, the god of Strife and Tyranny, and followers are urged to hide and protect their temple because of the attention of those who despise their actions.