Beginner's Guide To New Moon

Whether completely new to MUDing or just new to New Moon, we hope the following information will help get you started and enjoying the world of New Moon in as short a time as possible.

Here you can read:

When you have time, please read the New Moon Code of Conduct which will help explain the basic rules and principles on which New Moon operates.

Once you have absorbed the beginners' information provided here, you may want to view some of the further help contained in the New Moon Help Pages. Special highlights to visit are the Races of New Moon and Guilds of New Moon pages which have lots of fabulous original fantasy artwork painted by one of our creators, Tiwi.

If you would like a MUD Client to make adventuring on New Moon more pleasurable, we can recommend Gmud (Windows), Zmud (Windows), Tiny Fugue (Unix) and others. Current links can be found in the MUD Client Download Section.