General Help for New Moon

Alignment - Background

Players and non-player characters (NPCs/monsters) all have moral alignments. This reflects your general moral stance as a role-player in the game. Alignment affects many things in the world of New Moon, not least how characters in the game (player and non-player) react to you and how you are treated/received in a range of situations. Certain specialist guilds have alignment requirements. For example, a demonically evil priest player couldn't expect to be accepted into the ranks of the Healers.

Alignment can change through your actions in New Moon:

  • Combat is one way: by killing good monsters, you will become evil and vice versa
  • The actions of priests and clerics is another
  • Thirdly, by completing certain quests

Each player receives an alignment title to represent their current status on the scale from good to evil. Few players will reach the extremes of good or evil, but it is possible.

Note that other players cannot tell your alignment, it is personal to you and your choice whether you tell other players or not. The only ways of detecting someone else's alignment are through the application of magical abjuration or divine intervention.

Alignment values

nastyvery nice
cruel just
downright wicked very beneficent
terribly wicked extremely beneficent
corrupt touched by good
evil good
very evil very good
extremely evil extremely good
utterly evil utterly good
devilish angelic
demonically evil angelically good
pure evil blissful
purest evil saintly
evil impersonated near-perfect
evil incarnated perfection itself
goodness itself


Money is the stuff you use to buy things with. This table shows the relative values of money.


Player Stealing

A player stealer is someone who chose for an intermediate level of player interaction, between 'newbie-level' and 'player killer-level'. The player stealer, PSer for short, is able to interact with other PSers and player killers (PKers) through the following:

  • stealing
  • burglarizing
  • trapping
  • cursing
  • paralyzing, holding, wandering, scaring
  • blinding, deafening, muting
  • other nasty effects from spells
  • blocking, hindering, dragging, capturing
  • KOing
  • hero summoning, multi-teleporting

As a matter of fact, anything short of outright killing, which only PKers can do unto each other. The PSer can therefore only be harmed indirectly by another PSer or PKer, although that would take some effort. Note that not all the effects above are negative, such as dragging and teleporting others, but could be used to help friends. Especially a party existing of all PS/PK will notice the benefits of more interaction.

Once a player has a large property, such as a house, that player automatically becomes a PSer, and becomes susceptible to the dangers of theft and burglary by other PSers/PKers (those who own enough have something to lose...and to protect).

See also: pk


Quests come in many shapes and forms. Adventuring in the world of New Moon isn't just about fighting, it's also about exploring and interacting with the world around you.

Being a brave and bold adventurer, you will wish to add fame and fortune to your name. To do this you can go on bold quests for personal fame and glory. Or you may simply become famous for your deeds in helping the poor and miserable.

Quests are everywhere, lurking in every nook and cranny. You just have to find them. There are many quests in the world of New Moon waiting to be discovered and solved, some involving people, some involving places, many involving both. Some are easy, some are fiendishly difficult. As a newbie you might wonder where you might ever start to find these quests. Well, to tell you would be giving the game away - literally. Keep your eyes open, examine your surroundings thoroughly, listen to what non-player characters (NPCs) say. Talk to the NPCs - yes, many will respond, so don't be shy!

So, other than the satisfaction of completing them, you'll be wanting to know what rewards quests offer:

  • Fame comes with quests
    • There is a title on the end of your name that reflects the boldest of your exploits.
    • Each quest is rated with a certain number of points.
    • The hardest quest you have done will be reflected by your title, although sometimes some of your lesser deeds are displayed for variety.
  • Fortune comes with quests
    • Many a quest will have a monetary reward.
    • You may be endowed with powerful magical items to use in your quest.
    • You may even be allowed to keep them after the quest is complete.
    • You may receive a bounty for returning an outlaw or fugitive to justice, or perhaps for helping someone with a difficult task.
  • Quests will also allow you to improve yourself
    • Your stats are basically static and cannot be improved without magical help.
    • Powerful mages and thankful gods will bestow upon you great gifts.
    • As a reward for hard quests, you may be endowed with bonuses to your stats.
    • Or you may be rewarded with extra skills, or with training not available elsewhere.
    • Or, you may be honoured with a special item that boosts your stats or skills when used.
    So, the rewards of questing are many
  • Ignoring the quests of New Moon means you are excluding a large part of the world about you.
  • Participating will bring many benefits and, above all we hope, lots of fun.

Happy questing!

Stats - Player Statistics

The stat system on New Moon revolves around the 5 important stats of your body. While some people may argue that there are more important stats, or that ones we use are not appropriate, we don't give a hedgehog. Our system works well enough with the ones given.

    The stats that each living thing has are:
  • Strength
    • Strength is physical strength and build
    • The stronger you are, the more you can carry
  • Intelligence
    • Intelligence is mental capacity
    • The more intelligent you are, the better you will learn and manipulate magic
  • Wisdom
    • Wisdom in mental discipline
    • The better your wisdom, the more you will be able to concentrate on your god and ask for its help
  • Dexterity
    • Dexterity is a general agility and manual dexterity skill
    • The higher this skill, the better your reactions, the better you are at fine motor tasks etc
  • Constitution
    • Constitution is your internal fortitude
    • If you have a high constitution, you will have more hit points, be less susceptible to poisons etc.

How Stats Work

When you first log into the mud, you will have stats of 13 13 13 13 13. You will be able to reallocate these once. This is how you can make your character the way you want it. The stats will have a minimum value of 8. You cannot have a stat less than 8 normally.

The stats are represented by the following scheme

8, 9, 10, ..., 17, 18, 19, 20 ... etc.

By finding powerful talismans and artifacts, or just potions and objects, you will be able to modify your stats temporarily or permanently. Permanent stat changes are very rare and will usually require a long and hard quest to make it possible.

Through magical means, it is possible to push your stats over the normal limits.