The New Moon Mudmeet Page

Click on the links to view photos from the following Mudmeets. Note that where names are given, they are from left to right in each photograph. Sorry for the lack of thumbnails, but time dictates otherwise.

San Francisco, CA. March 11th, 2001 and
San Diego, CA. July 6th, 2002

Bristol, UK. 31st July - 2nd August 1998

Mudmeet Announcements

Watch this space!

If you would like to place photos from a Mudmeet here, or add a link to another page that contains Mudmeet information, then please get in contact with Mizerai. If you don't have a scanner and want to send the photos to Mizerai they can be scanned for you (sensible volumes please!). Forthcoming Mudmeets can also be publicised here if you wish.