An Outline of New Moon's Features

Welcome to New Moon, a brave new world where epic tales of medieval fantasy are made ! We are a mature Multi User Dimension (MUD) with a tried and tested mudlib. We have been running since 1993 and became fully open to players in late 1994. The game world is constantly expanding, but here's a brief guide to what we have to offer on the New Moon.

Technical Specs

New Moon is an LpMud, running under the MudOS driver with the New Moon mudlib (very loosely based on the Discworld mudlib).

New Moon runs on a dedicated PC (named Eclipse), based at Portland State University in the USA. For the technically minded and those interested in such things, our machine has the following specifications:

  • ECS K7S5a V3 motherboard for Socket A AMD
  • AMD Athlon 2100+ CPU
  • Micron DDR 266 memory, 512 MB
  • Maxtor 80 gig, 7200 RPM, 8 meg cache hard drive
  • D-link DFE-530+ 10/100 PCI netcard
  • FreeBSD operating system.
  • 100 Mbits Internet connection.
  • Apache web server.

Game Features

  • Many different areas, including cities, swamps, plains, forests, mountains, sewers, coasts, oriental, islands and seas. Currently three major cities are open; Heliopolis and Leviatha on the mainland and Tsan overseas.
  • A rich yet easy to understand skills system. The main skills categories are combat, magic, worship, covert and general.
  • A wide variety of player races. Currently human, elf, half-elf, orc, hobbit, gnome, drow, dwarf, troll and half-ogre are available to players. A huge diversity of npc races will be found in the world of New Moon.
  • Four main starter guilds: League of Warriors, Academy of Mages, Temple of Damara and Hall of Acquisition with unique commands (more than seventy in total and more in development).
  • A complete newbie area, which gives a moving introduction to our theme, history, guilds, races, commands, quests, and everything else a beginning adventurer might need to know.
  • Advancement guilds for high level players, which make it possible for them to enter a special evil or good 'splinter' class from their main starter guild. Currently the Temple of Cymoc & Temple of Kalak (for priests), Dark Sect & College of Twilight (for mages), Chaos Knights and Rangers (for fighters) are open.
  • A detailed and exciting spell system with more than one hundred wizard spells, and more than twenty priest spells per religion. Invisibility, summoning, and teleporting are possible. Spellbooks, prayerbooks and dozens of magic items and holy items.
  • A sophisticated combat system with a huge range of different combat messages and special combat commands including parrying, disarming, shield-bash, berserk and much much more.
  • Many languages of races, lands and guilds. Players can use these to communicate with each other and the npcs in the game.
  • A very wide range of different weapons. No super weapons, since we place the emphasis on skills rather than crazy weapons. However, special quest weapons are obtainable.
  • The grouping and forming of multi-guild adventuring companies is possible and encouraged. Players can adventure together and share experience points.
  • Roleplaying is encouraged!
  • We're a friendly, social mud as well as an adventuring mud. All your favourite soul commands are here (over 350) and emote too. We also have several chat channels, one specially designed for newbies, all with emote capability. All chat channels can be earmuffed for those who prefer to adventure without distractions.
  • A huge cast of exciting, interesting, intelligent and often humourous non-player characters.
  • A menagerie of wierd and wonderful monsters, creatures and races to discover.
  • Quests. Currently more than one hundred, for all levels of play.
  • Intrigue, mystery and history, to be discovered through research and play. We have libraries filled with hundreds of books on all sorts of topics.
  • Player killing is possible for those who choose to. We also feature an intermediate status of player interaction called 'player stealer', which allows for stealing, cursing, multiple teleporting and other interactive, but not deadly or damaging things. A newbie will be safe from all player killing and stealing thanks to this system. It's your choice to play this way or not.
  • Herbalism. Create herbal preparations and potions to provide healing, unleash special powers and enhance abilities.
  • Underdark: a layer underneath the current surface, where dark and dangerous denizens dwell.
  • Epics: whole day and multi-guild adventures with an impact on the whole mud.

Planned For The Future

  • Planes: an Abyss and Elyseum for players who lost all their lives.
  • Alchemy. Create strange potions and transmutations.
  • Spell research and scroll writing.
  • Creation of magic and holy items.
  • Crafting of other items than weapons.
  • A mud economy.
  • Missile weapons.
  • Player horses.
  • Underwater Areas.
  • A Tournament Ground with jousting and player contests.
  • More spells and commands (continually being added).