Rogues' Gallery

Welcome to New Moon's Rogues' Gallery, home of the brave, the vain and the downright foolhardy!

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Aalos Aalos Aldarn Aldarn Arkano Arkano Aura Aura
Bannor Bannor Bukido Bukido Charles Charles Draconius Draconius
Dragonis Dragonis Dragonrider Dragonrider Dream & Tully Dream & Tully Durandal Durandal
Fatty Fatty Fallout Fallout Fingil Fingil Forrage Forrage
Frost Frost Gaea Gaea Gatormaster Gatormaster Gecko Gecko
Harlock Harlock Jancis Jancis Jay & SilentBob Jay & SilentBob Kazul Kazul
Kenshin Kenshin Kregan Kregan Kshar Kshar Kuso Kuso
Locus Locus Lordsutch Lordsutch Machinehead Machinehead Mitch Mitch
Mizerai Mizerai Muerte Muerte Qixi Qixi Radoria Radoria
Raindog Raindog Reala Reala Sabine Sabine Sicem Sicem
Skili Skili Stormbring Stormbring Taz Taz Therapist Therapist
Tor Tor Wendell Wendell Ukyo Ukyo Yohko Yohko

If you would like to appear in the Rogues' Gallery, please send your portrait (in gif or jpeg format) to Mizerai for inclusion. If you are submitting a group picture, please ensure that you have the consent of all involved.