Sept 30, 2018 - We are back

Welcome! You have landed on New Moon. We are a Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) of the LPMud variety. If you want to dive straight in, we can be reached by telneting to: ( port 7680). The telnet interface isn't for the faint-of-heart however so we recommend you visit our Client Downloads Section first.

Please come step into New Moon's Web pages. Whether you are a player, a creator or an interested visitor, you will find plenty of information here. If you have never played New Moon, or you are brand new to MUDding, a good starting place would be the New Moon FAQ. After that, have a browse around and then connect to the game and pay us a visit. We're a friendly bunch and try to make the game as welcoming for newcomers as possible. Major new additions to these pages are normally notified on the Announcements Page, or via our Twitter feed at

Site Overview

An Introduction to New Moon.

An outline of the game and its main features.

The Beginner's Guide to New Moon.

New adventurers should start here.

The New Moon Help Pages.

Help, information, maps and links.

The Announcements & Feedback Page

For announcements and getting in touch.

The Powers That Be.

A guide to our creating and admin staff.

The Creator Pages.

For our creators to refer to (password protected).

The Current Players List.

See who is currently logged onto New Moon.

The MUD itself.

Come join us!